Kenneth D. Mackenzie, Ph.D.


Edmund P. Learned Distinguished Professor, Emeritus, School of Business,

The University of Kansas


President, EMAC Assessments and

EMAC Consulting

Ken Mackenzie has been researching and redesigning organziations for over 40 years, and has published 19 books and over 100 articles.

    As a branch of science, I find the many social sciences a methodological puzzle.  On one hand, the key phenomena involve processes and structures.  While on the other, there is no consensus on their meaning.  Without clear concepts of processes and structures, there simply cannot be a rapidly evolving science.  It is a mystery that they shy away from hashing out the meaning and representations of processes and structures.  It is even more of a mystery that there is so little discussion about these concepts.  It is collective "go along to get along."


    The lack of a good concept of either processes or structures hinders progress.  There cannot be standards for measurement and even comparison of research across researchers.  Both processes and structures are treated as if they are self-evident.  They are not.  Without lively debate that leads to consensus on the constructs of processes and structures, the many social sciences lack the foundation for interdependent research.  How can scientists build on the work of others when they lack agreement on the phenomena being studied?


    The mission of is to bring clarity to the study of processes and structures.  The emphasis is on group and organizational processes.

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